Research projects

SyMO-Chem offers contract research projects to:

  • Execute (fundamental or applied) research in (or in between) the fields of organic, polymer or physical chemistry.
  • Perform feasibility studies on specific materials that you are interested in. Examples are dyes, biomaterials (e.g. peptides, phospholipids), dendrimers, supramolecular materials, LC-materials, hydrogels and π-conjugated polymers or oligomers. By working together with you, you can attain further knowledge on these materials that can then be used in applications that are relevant to your company.
  • Become your partner in either a one-to-one project or in a consortium such as for example in EU projects or in public-private collaborations. Our role as a partner is typically centred around the design and synthesis of innovate compounds and materials.
  • Establish a long-term relationship with a well-outfitted laboratory for the benefit of your own research.