SyMO-Chem, a research company in chemistry

SyMO-Chem is an innovative and versatile research company in chemistry you can turn to for contract research, custom synthesis or material and sample characterization.

SyMO-Chem is active in several fields of chemistry, spanning from organic chemistry to polymer chemistry and from analytic chemistry to physical chemistrySyMO-Chem is a spin-off from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), and due to these roots, SyMO-Chem can serve as a bridge between fundamental research and more application driven research.

By combining years of experience with a wide range of accessible state-of-the-art equipment, SyMO-Chem offers high-quality, quick, and reliable research to clients. Thus, SyMO-Chem is a valuable business partner for those who seek outsourcing capacity and expertise and advice in various fields of chemistry. Our clients are national and international companies, multinationals, SME’s as well as start-up’s in the chemical, pharmaceutical and life-sciences industries. SyMO-Chem also works for and with academia, for example in research consortia, in EU-projects or in public-private collaborations.

Confidentiality is ensured in working together and intellectual property (IP) of contract research results lie with the client.

SyMO-Chem offers expertise and experience in various fields of chemistry, enabling you to reach your research goals.