Light Scattering

Light Scattering methods play an essential role in colloidal science as they are used to characterize emulsions, micelles, and proteins or polymers in dispersion. When performing Light Scattering experiments, the sample is irradiated with a monochromatic light beam and the intensity of the scattered light is measured at different detection angles. The resulting data can be analysed to determine a wide range of soft matter properties such as particle size, shape, molecular weight or even interparticle interactions.

SyMO-Chem has access to a ALV/CGS-3 MD-4 compact goniometer system equipped with a multiple tau digital real time correlator (ALV-7004) (solid state laser: λ = 532 nm; 40 mW), able to perform both Static and Dynamic Light Scattering (SLS and DLS). Temperature-dependent measurements can also be carried out, ranging from 5 oC up to 60 oC.